Love & Money Wealthy Radio: Dr. Shane Perrault

Good evening I’m Deborah Owens and I’m Terry Owens. Coming up tonight on this Wealthy Love edition of Wealthy Radio, we’ll talk with Dr. Shane Perrault, author of “The Black MANual: Less Drama, More Love: A Single Woman’s Guide to Choosing Mr. Right.”

Dr. ShaneDr. Shane is the founder of African American Marriage Counseling. Throughout his work, he has found one of the key factors in relationship success is choosing the right partner. Dr. Shane
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According to the Be My Valentine Index, a gift of jewelry, chocolate and dinner will cBlack Manualost almost six hundred dollars. How can couples show their sweetie how you feel about them without breaking the bank?
Our guest tonight is Dr. Shane Perrault, licensed marriage counselor and author of The Black MAN-ual, a book that shares years of insight from counseling hundreds of couples to provide bold strategies about how men and women approach relationships, intimacy, and commitment.