Millionaire Moves: Dr. Bill F. Pickard

Are millionaires born or are they made? My next guest came from pretty humble beginnings and suffered from low self-esteem until a teacher told him , “You have a great mind.” Those words resonated and he decided to apply himself academically and become an entrepreneur. He started his entrepreneurial pursuits as one of the first African American McDonald’s franchisees.He hails from my hometown of Detroit and his success can be measured by the legions of people he has bet on that are successful in their own right.

Dr. William F. Pickard, is Chairman of Global Automotive Alliance, Co-Managing Partner, MGM Grand Detroit Casino, CEO, Bearwood Management Company and co-owner of five black-owned newspapers. He is here to discuss his new book, Millionaire Moves: The Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Pickard Welcome to Wealthy Radio