Mommie Millionaire: Kim Lavine

kimlavineLess than three percent of women owned businesses surpass the seven-figure thresh hold. What does Kim Lavine know that most women don’t? Learn how she started a business from her kitchen table and built it into a million dollar enterprise.There’s a massive gender gap when it comes to women-owned business. Women own 48 percent of all businesses but only receive 4 percent of private equity. Kim believes the lack of capital is the reason on Only 3 percent of women-owned businesses surpass the million dollar mark. She identified as America’s expert on inspirational business advice, She is critically-acclaimed bestselling author. She has transformed the lives of millions through her appearances on the Today Show Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, just to name a few of her national appearances and she is on a mission to help 1 million women grow their businesses to  over 1 million dollars in annual revenue.

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