The B.O.S.S. Network: Cameka Smith

Tonight, in our first segment, it’s all about business with Cameka Smith, founder and CEO of the BOSS network. We will learn about Cameka’s entrepreneurship journey and the resources her network provides women in business.

camekaBOSS® is “Bringing Out Successful Sisters” to promote and encourage the small business spirit and professional development of women.

Under Cameka’s leadership, The BOSS Network has become one of the fastest-growing women business communities, garnering several accolades such as a Top 50 Website for Entrepreneurs (Inc. Magazine), 10 Best Career Sites for Women ( and one of 9 Twitter Accounts to Enhance Your College Experience.

After being displaced from her job in 2009, Cameka established The BOSS Network to support women in their journey to become independent and successful utilizing the power of networking and technology. Since then, The BOSS Network has evolved into a go-to resource for companies seeking female influencers as their target market.