Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way: Attorney Aimee Griffin

Good Evening, I’m Deborah Owens, welcome to Wealthy Radio. Have you thought about your plan to build a legacy for your children and grandchildren?

That won’t happen if you haven’t made the right preparations. Our guest tonight, Aimee Griffin, is an estate planning attorney who will show us how to protect our present and our future so that we empower future generations.Aimee

Nearly 70% of African Americans have no estate plan. Why are estate plans important? Without them, all of the assets that we have worked so hard to acquire – whether real estate, investment portfolios, or businesses – will be left unprotected and we will lose the opportunity to create intergenerational wealth that outlives us.

For most of us, it is uncomfortable to think about our mortality, but it is a truth that all of us will have to face one day. The best way for us to deal with this reality is to make sure that we take time to have honest conversations in our families and develop a strategy for how our assets will be transferred so that we can create a wealthy legacy.

Our guest tonight, Aimee Griffin, is an estate planning attorney and CEO of the Griffin Firm, which specializes in business and estate planning. Amy and her team work with individuals and families to create generational wealth retention strategies.

The Griffin Firm uses Trust and Estate planning to support families to build generational wealth using tools that minimize taxation and build equity for successive generations. With the belief that “my people perish for the lack of knowledge,” the firm gladly presents educational forums locally and nationally, and works to give voice to the voiceless. Attorney Griffin is also a monthly contributor for the Washington Informer newspaper.

Welcome to Wealthy Radio, Aimee!


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