It’s Not No, It’s Just Now!

Many people don't realize that I have been on the quest to build a financial application for more than five years. We want to reach more people and have them experience the kinds of financial transformations that happen in our WealthyU coaching programs. Initially, I joined a business incubator and made pitch presentations to venture capitalists and investors.

The truth is that I collected a lot of no's and became discouraged. I put this dream on the shelf and decided that pursuing it was either out of reach or the timing simply wasn't right.Have you ever felt discouraged and given up on your dream?

Sometimes it's not no; it's just not now!

Last month I interviewed the founder of, Karen Cahn. She shared that, “Women and minorities received less than three percent of the more than 40 billion dollars in venture capital that was raised in 2016.” Although I was shocked by the statistic, I felt a sense of relief knowing that my experience was the rule and not the exception.

Although I was extremely reluctant to dust off my plans to develop the WealthyU Financial Application, Karen convinced me that crowdfunding was an alternative approach that has many benefits that going the venture capital route did not. That is why she launched the platform.

Benefits of Crowdfunding

  1. It's more efficient. You can focus on raising funds and not acquire debt.
  2. You gain social proof. People support your mission.
  3. Funders and backers can be involved and give feedback on your product.
  4. Feedback and brainstorming from the crowd helps to refine the idea and product

Sometimes if you want a different result you need to take a new approach. It has been two weeks since we started the WealthyU App campaign and our goal is to have 200 backers to become beta testers and give us feedback. I am so excited because we are nearing 50 percent of our goal with 53 backers.

Not only do you join us on the journey, but you also qualify for some really awesome rewards.

  • 50 percent off the Silver Wealth Coaching Program: A savings of $1,000 (3 Left)
  • The Financial Makeover Kit and a coaching session: A savings of 50 percent

There are rewards at every level of and we would appreciate your support !
Get in where you fit in! Don't miss out on what we are up to!

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Deborah Owens
America's Wealth Coach