Fro’s and Finance: Hair Looms

It’s no secret – words shape worth. Words have power, and those used to describe Black women’s hair are often negative. In public and private circles, words such as nappy or unkempt continue to discredit Black women’s beauty and value. In Hairlooms: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty, author and media specialist Michele Tapp Roseman uncovers how negative words and other roadblocks keep some Black women from authentically affirming their own inner and outer beauty. She also reveals the links between self-acceptance and a Black woman’s emotional, physical and financial health.


Michele Tapp Roseman is a writer, media specialist, and editorial coach dedicated to helping people tackle issues that keep them from being their best. With 25 year of industry experience, Michele’s press outreach highlights include media coverage on behalf of President Barack Obama’s Special Assistant for Disability Policy and for Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges.