You Can’t Lose When You Bet On Yourself!


Do you ever dream of winning the lottery? Would you quit your job if you did win? I am not a big believer in playing games of chance. I learned an invaluable lesson after securing my first summer job at The Detroit Historical Museum at the ripe old age of eleven. To get to work, I caught the bus to downtown Detroit to transfer to another bus and there just happened to be a carnival visiting town. I was fascinated with winning a giant stuffed Teddy bear, and when I received my first paycheck, I spent the huge sum of twenty dollars without much success. I was so angry that I decided to buy a Coke at the Kresge lunch counter. As I was walking toward the counter, I looked up and saw the same stuffed Teddy Bear from the carnival hanging on the wall on sale for $9.99. It was at that point that I realized that I could have had ten dollars in my pocket and bought my own Teddy Bear. That is the reason I can go to Las Vegas, or on a cruise and have no desire to gamble. I'd rather bet on myself. How about you?

This evening I have the pleasure of interviewing, Dr. Bill Pickard about his new book, Millionaire Moves: The Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship. He hails from my hometown of Detroit and his success can be measured by the legions of people he has bet on that are successful in their own right.

Join in the conversation this evening at 7PM EDT and listen online at